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Our mobile baristaroo bars are perfect for when you need a short term or long term beverage, snacks, and dessert solutions...

Our mobile bars are kitted out with the highest in spec barista equipment and include our very own extensively trained barista's on board in order to ensure the highest quality served beverages & food, and a top quality customer experience for varied services such as; one day events, short-term/long-term office locations, or for touring round the UK.

We work on-site with offices, festivals, and film & location events in order to make their event unique and create a lasting impression. Whether it’s a staff treat, an open day, a sales launch or a customer meeting …..we can be there!

You can either hire our mobile bars on an all-inclusive basis, allowing guests to enjoy our wonderful menu, or if you are office based with staff or an events/film/festival location; you can request our services on an any-term basis.

Why not check out our menu here.

Contact us to discuss your needs, or alternatively pop us an email at heyyou@baristaroo.co.uk




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